New Life Community Center is our vision to provide a variety of needed programs (below) in the West Bank to reach the community. These include language and computer training as well as music and sports programs, ACT / SAT and TOEFL preparation and tutoring services. The goal is to build relationships and relate Christ to the population.

The West Bank has a population of nearly 2.6 million with around 35% under age 14. The children and youth of the West Bank need direction and opportunity. Witnessing to this group is an opportunity we cannot miss.

New Life Community Center is looking to shine the light of Christ in the town of Ramallah—the “it” town of the West Bank. Through a set of interactive programs, the Community Center can reach out to individuals of diverse needs with the love, hope and Biblical values for which they are in dire need. As God’s disciples, it is our privilege and responsibility to extend the love of Christ to the souls that are hungry for His truth and awaiting His salvation.

Child Sponsorship

New Life Community Center will include the existing child sponsorship programs of the Home of New Life as a subset of its services. The Home of New Life offers residential and non-residential sponsorship for children from poor families. The economic situation in the West Bank is dire, with a large percentage of the population living below the poverty level. The Home of New Life provides a safe and loving environment in its residential program, and educational assistance for more stable families still needing financial aid. The residential program also assists the children with their college tuition upon their graduation, as funds permit.

Language Learning

Knowledge of more than one language is vital in the modern world. By provide instruction in Arabic, English and French for remedial students, as well as beginning Hebrew, we may forge a road to understanding between people groups.

Summer Camps

Each summer New Life Community Center, in conjunction with Ramallah Local Church, will offer a summer camp program for the children and youth in the area. The camp will teach the Bible through fun activities. This will also be an excellent opportunity for volunteers from all around the world to creatively partake in sharing the message of salvation with the local community.


The Community Center has a well marked basketball court that is open during various hours for members of Ramallah Local Church and the community. There is a well equipped playground that entertains the children.

Early Childhood Education

The seed for academic success is usually planted during the early years of life. Through a variety of childhood programs, New Life Community Center will contribute to the preparation of children for school in conjunction with sharing essential parenting skills. This will take place in a Christian atmosphere where storytelling and song can be the mean to carry forth the truth of Jesus.

Tutoring & SAT Preparation

The public school system does not offer any support for students who are academically challenged. The Community Center will work with such students who have fallen behind due to reasons of health or family issues. We want to restore their self confidence and help them to succeed. As opportunities for education are limited in the West Bank and some areas of study are not available, students often leave the country to obtain college education. For that reason, TOEFL (an English college entrance test) and SAT preparation courses in Math and English can attract more students to the Center.

Music Programs

Music Lessons can be a wonderful tool for one-on-one interaction with students. Learning music is also an excellent tool to channel children and youth’s energies away from destructive behavior, and into a constructive lifestyle of aesthetic appreciation.

Computer & Internet Training

Around the world, the computer is now standard equipment for modern society. The children in the West Bank need to know computer basics to maneuver in this new world. The program will be designed to provide computer training while building relationships with the Christian leaders of the program.