Child sponsorship is one amazing and transformative experience. Investing in children’s lives can give each child a brighter hope for the future.
Individuals, churches, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, and even schools have the opportunity to invest in a child.

In addition to the residential program, we assist some poor children living in loving but poverty stricken home environments. Many families are able to function with some assistance, and the Home of New Life has been able to sponsor children living at home by providing extra monthly help for the families to survive.

These funds help provide schooling for the children, and in addition a hot meal and special tutoring are available for them as needed.

As a Sponsor you will provide a child with

  • A loving residential home or the opportunity to remain with his/her stable family
  • Quality Christian education
  • Nutritional meals for a balanced diet
  • Dedicated staff and tutors to meet the children’s needs

We would like you to sponsor a child, and strongly encourage you to pray and write to your sponsored child. The children are motivated and blessed knowing that others care for them. Each month you will receive a contribution statement that you can retain for tax purposes.

Please contact us and let us if you would like to sponsor a boy or girl, and approximate ages. We will give you further information about child sponsorship.