Welcome to RCO Ministries in the Holy Land

What is RCO Ministries

“RCO” is short for  “Ramla / Ramallah Christian Outreach”

Ramla and Ramallah are two cities of very similar sounding names but contrasting circumstances because of where they happen to be on the map! Both, however share the need for Christ and the presence of His Holy Spirit that He chooses to make manifest through His people!Our mission at RCO Ministries is to be a channel for His presence in the land!

How it all started

Started with God calling an orphan boy to follow him…

“…my father has passed away when I was at age 10.  As an orphaned child and growing into my teen years, I realized quite early in life that there was no one to care when I cried out for help except for Jesus.  There was no one for me to turn to other than Him. I was very poor.  I had no money at times to buy food….  I remember at times, I had to borrow a pair of pants to wear from one of the boys who was better off financially than me.  Having little or no money was a big obstacle in my early life and up to the time I finished high school.  The Lord, however, saw me through and opened one door after another before me.”

-Dr. Munir Kakish

Since then we have been…

Extending help to the needy

Bringing back the message of the gospel

Standing in the gap through worship

Reaching the Holy Land

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